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Table DLO-3. Drug types involved in reports for drug law offences: percentage of all reports for drug law offences

CountriesYearCannabis %Heroin %Cocaine %
Czech Republic(2)200532.06.82.3
Germany(2) (3)200563.712.58.6
Italy(1) (5)200557.612.623.6
Cyprus(2) (3)200569.915.85.6
Lithuania(1) (3)200514.39.01.1
Luxembourg(1) (6)200531.127.935.1
Portugal(3) (4) (7)200557.811.97.3
Sweden(1) (8)200435.05.04.6
United Kingdom(1)200469.010.37.8


 Data were not available for the unlisted EU Member States and Norway. 

 For definitions of reports for drug law offences, refer to Drug law offences – methods and definitions.  

 For information on the way percentages were calculated, please refer to the notes below. 

 Percentages are based on offences for all drug types and may not sum to 100% (in row). 

 (1) Based on number of mentions of all drugs, whether alone or with other drugs (in the same offence). 

 (2) Based on number of offences with mentions of drugs considered as main drugs. 

 (3) Among all offences broken down by drug (for some offences, a breakdown by drug is not available).  

 (4) The reported proportion represents offences for one drug alone - e.g. offences for cannabis do not include offences for cannabis plus other drug(s). 

 (5) Data are calculated on the total excluding the number of persons for whom the substance is unknown. 

 (6) Calculated on arrests for presumed offences against the 1973 drug law. 

 (7) Since the decriminalisation of drug use/possession for use in July 2001, such offences are reported through a different monitoring system; data presented here come from the latter, as well as from the monitoring system recording criminal drug law offences. 

 (8) Calculated on persons given a summary fine by the prosecutor or sentenced by a court. 


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