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Table DRD-5. Mortality due to drug-related deaths in European countries, in all adults and adults aged 15 to 39 years (total and males) [see all tables in this series...]

Part (i) Population mortality rates, 2005 or last year with available information

CountryYearNumber of DRD: 2005 or last year availablePopulation mortality rates (DRD/million population)
TotalAged 15-64Aged 15-39Males aged 15-39Entire populationAged 15-64Aged 15-39Males aged 15-3995% C.I. for entire population rate
Belgium1997123112928011.816.426.846.1[9.8 - 14]
Bulgaria2005403835305.17.112.821.5[3.6 - 6.8]
Czech Republic(1)2005626152456.18.413.823.4[4.6 - 7.6]
Denmark200527527214412950.976.181.9144.6[45 - 57]
Germany20051326131391676816.123.733.855.4[15.3 - 17]
Estonia20055757555142.262.2113.8210.4[31.3 - 53.2]
Ireland20039691674923.833.242.361.5[19.1 - 28.7]
Greece(2)200528428425.738.0[22.8 - 28.8]
Spain(3)200421220812710831.244.348.8[27 - 35.4]
France2005570.9[0.7 - 1.2]
Italy200560360344941510.415.622.941.8[9.6 - 11.3]
Cyprus(4)200511.511.510915.723.136.566.2[6.7 - 24.9]
Latvia2005141413106.08.815.623.7[2.9 - 9.2]
Lithuania2005313123219.013.418.333.4[5.9 - 12.2]
Luxembourg(4)200511.711.78.36.725.938.652.884.4[11.1 - 40.8]
Hungary2005282823182.[1.8 - 3.8]
Malta(4)20056.3654.315.821.836.060.3[3.5 - 28.1]
Netherlands200512212064527.510.911.618.6[6.2 - 8.9]
Austria200519119015513223.534.354.992.6[20.2 - 26.8]
Poland2004231191113816.07.27.911.1[5.3 - 6.9]
Portugal(5)200521921915114120.931.040.074.3[18.2 - 23.7]
Romania(4) (6)20055.75.75.763.[0.6 - 5.5]
Slovenia20044039312520.027.842.867.5[13.9 - 26.3]
Slovakia2005171714103.[1.7 - 4.7]
Finland2005126111665724.131.839.967.4[20 - 28.4]
Sweden2003152149846416.925.528.943.2[14.3 - 19.7]
United Kingdom (ONS)2004316128221706131952.971.883.6128.8[51.2 - 54.8]
United Kingdom (DSD)2004178617101236102829.943.560.6100.4[28.6 - 31.4]
Norway20042202181319948.172.884.6125.7[41.8 - 54.5]


 It is important to underline that comparisons of population rates should be made with extreme caution since there are still some differences in case definitions and quality of reporting may differ.      

 The calculations of population mortality rates are based on 2004 population sizes as reported by Eurostat.     

 Confidence intervals for the entire population are approximate, based on assuming a simple Poisson distribution for the number of deaths within each country. These intervals are likely to be an underestimate of the true 95% C.I. width.     

 (1) For the Czech Republic, EMCDDA Selection D was used instead of the national definition. The national definition includes also poisoning by psychoactive medicines, which accounts for most cases (156 cases out of 218).     

 (2) In Greece, all cases are included as the age breakdowns do not follow the standards. In previous years where the detailed age distribution was available, there were no cases below 15 and above 64.     

 (3) In Spain, the population included is that corresponding to the coverage of information on drug-related deaths (five cities).     

 (4) Due to the low number of drug-related deaths in a year, two-year (Cyprus) and three-year ((Luxembourg, Malta and Romania) averages were used.       

 (5) For Portugal, the age groups 15 to 39 and 15 to 64 should be interpreted as 20 to 39 and 20 to 45+.     

 (6) Data refer to Bucharest only.         

 See also 'General notes for interpreting data' on the Explanatory notes and help page.     


 Reitox national reports 2006, taken from national mortality registries or special registries (forensic or police). Based on 'National definitions' as presented in Drug-related deaths – methods and definitions .     

 Populations and total numbers of death for the EU countries are extracted from Eurostat, for the last year available.     

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