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Figure GPS-13. Last year prevalence of cocaine among all young adults (aged 15 to 34 ) by gender, measured by national surveys


Data are from the most recent national surveys available in each country (see Table GPS-4).

Some countries use a slightly different age range to the EMCDDA standard age range for young adults. Variations in age ranges may slightly influence disparities between countries.

Bulgaria: 2005; 18-34 y. n=433

Czech Republic: 2004; 18-34 y. n=1414

Denmark: 2005; 16-34 y. n=3583

Germany: 2003; 18-34 y. n=3775

Estonia: 2003; 15-34 y. n=646

Greece: 2004; 15-34 y. n=2620

Spain: 2005/06; 15-34 y. n=14699

France: 2005; 15-34 y. n=10855

Italy: 2005; 15-34 y. n=16552

Cyprus: 2006; 15-34 y. n=1753

Latvia: 2003; 15-34 y. n=

Lithuania: 2004; 15-34 y. n=1814

Hungary: 2003; 18-34 y. n=2319

Austria: 2004; 15-34 y. n=1754

Poland: 2002; 16-34 y. n=

Portugal: 2001; 15-34 y. n=6406

Slovakia: 2004; 15-34 y. n=578

Finland: 2004; 15-34 y. n=1031

UK (E&W): 2005/06; 16-34 y. n=12329

Norway: 2004; 15-34 y. n=1238



Figure GPS-9

See also Table GPS-0

See also 'General notes for interpreting data' on the Explanatory notes and help page.


Reitox national reports 2006, taken from population surveys, reports or scientific articles.

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