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Table HSR-11. Estimated number of clients in methadone treatment in EU countries and Norway, 1993 - 2005

CountryMMT starting year1993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005
Czech Republic199800000nananana463368na525
UK - England(17) (18)1968nanana28776nana19630nanana7600097000109500
UK - Scotland1968nananananananananananana19227
UK - N. Ireland1968nananananananananananana157


 Where data have not been reported to the EMCDDA, the table entry is marked 'na' (not available). 

 For sources and references for the year of introduction of methadone maintenance treatment see Table HSR-8

 Data on the estimated number of clients in methadone treatment was updated when new information became available. A full list of national data sources for clients in substitution treatment is provided in Tables HSR-7 and HSR-10

 (1) Data from Spain provided by the Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs, with data provided by all Spanish Autonomous Communities. 

 (2) Data for France: OFDT estimations, based on data survey on substitute prescribing performed by the Institut de Veille Sanitaire and on social security reimbursement statistics for substitution medications, personal communication T. Canarelli 12 March 2007. 

 (3) Data for Denmark refer to clients in long-term (> 5 months) methadone treatment and do not include clients treated in prisons. 

 (4) The 2001 estimate for Germany predates the introduction of the substitution register and is not comparable to other years. 

 (5) Data on methadone treatment clients for Ireland does not include clients on methadone treatment in prison. These were 1477 cases in 2003 and 1295 in 2005. 

 (6) 1999 data for Greece extracted from EMCDDA AR 2001, Table 1. 2000-data from Farrell F, Verster A, Davoli M, Nilson M and Merino PP (2000) Reviewing current practice in drug-substitution treatment in the European Union, EMCDDA Insights Series, No. 3, EMCDDA: Lisbon, p.102. 

 (7) 2003 data for Italy include 520 out of 562 SerT. 2005 data based on national survey. 

 (8) In Cyprus, 85 clients received methadone detoxification treatment in 2005. 

 (9) 2005 data for Luxembourg include buprenorphine clients at GPs. 

 (10) Data for Malta include only clients registered at centralised methadone dispensing unit who received prescriptions for more than 3 months. Prison, GPs not included. 

 (11) Data for the Netherlands include only clients in outpatient addiction care. 

 (12) Data for Austria includes all persons registered as undergoing substitution treatment in Austria, distinction by substitution substance not possible. 

 (13) Methadone data for Portugal based on census of treatment provided by public treatment system (CATs). Clients treated under responsibility of Prison Services not included.  

 (14) Data for Slovenia corresponds to number of patients receiving substitution treatment in outpatient centres for prevention and treatment of drug addiction (CPTDAs). Substitution treatment provided to drug users in prisons not included (between 300 and 400 cases per year). Personal communication Andrej Kastelic, 15 March 2006. 

 (15) 2005 data for Slovakia: Personal communication L Okruhlica, 14 March 2007. 

 (16) 2005 data for Finland: estimated proportion of methadone clients among all substitution clients in Finland as reported by Partanen, 2006. Ratio one third: see NR 2003 p. 74. 

 (17) Basis for client number estimates are the official UK Government Statistics on the number of individuals in contact with structured treatment according to National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (www.ndtms.net) and refer to UK fiscal years (1 April – 31 March).  

 (18) Client number estimates for England are not formally authorised by the UK Government. The data on 2003, 2004 and 2005 are based on results of a recent prescribing audit (Best and Campbell, 2006, see: Sources).  


 Data 2002 and earlier: National reports and Table 1 in AR 1998 and Table 3 in AR 2003.  

 Data for 2003 and 2005: Standard table on 'treatment availability' (ST 24) submitted by NFPs in 2004 and 2006 and Reitox national reports.  

 Data for 2004 was extracted from Reitox national reports 2005, except for England. 

 Best D and Campbell A (2006) Summary of the NTA's national prescribing audit. NTA Research Briefing 19, June 2006. Online at http://www.nta.nhs.uk/publications/documents/nta_summary_national_prescribing_audit_2006_rb19.pdf 

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