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Figure TDI-13. Distribution of all clients entering treatment by primary drug at treatment in 2005 or most recent year available


Data were not available for: Belgium, Estonia, Norway.

Data on stimulants include: cocaine HCl and crack, amphetamines, ecstasy and other stimulants.

Other drugs include: hypnotics and sedatives; hallucinogens; volatile inhalants; other substances.

Poland: data refer to 2003.

Spain, Slovenia: data refer to 2004.

Latvia, Portugal: data refer to first treatments

United Kingdom: data relate to the period from 1 April 2004 to 31 March 2005

Other drugs:

Latvia: 8.8% hypnotics and sedatives, 7.3% other substances, 4.7% volatile inhalants, 0.5% hallucinogens

Lithuania: 14.2% other substances, 3.1% volatile inhalants, 1.6% hypnotics and sedatives, 0.2% hallucinogens

Hungary: 25% hypnotics and sedatives, 13% other substances, 1% hallucinogens, 1% volatile inhalants

Poland: 44.9% other substances, 9.3% hypnotics and sedatives, 2.7% volatile inhalants, 0.8% hallucinogens

Romania: 27.9% other substances, 19.2% hypnotics and sedatives, 1.3% volatile inhalants

Slovakia: 7.7% volatile inhalants, 4% hypnotics and sedatives, 0.8% other substances, 0.3% hallucinogens

Finland: 11% hypnotics and sedatives, 3% other substances Sweden: 12.3% other substances, 8.1% hypnotics and sedatives, 0.3% volatile inhalants, 0.2% hallucinogens.


See also 'General notes for interpreting data' on the Explanatory notes and help page.


Reitox national reports 2006 - Standard Table 3 See Table TDI-1 for details on sources

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