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Table DLO-5. Drug law offences related to drug trafficking, 2000 to 2006 [see all tables in this series...]

Part (ii) Methodological notes

Belgium In 2000–02, data refer to a number of persons (only the main offence is counted), although a same person could be counted several times if arrested several times during the same year.
Since 2003, data refer to a number of offences (each offence is represented as one separate record in the database). These changes are likely to affect comparability across time.
BulgariaThere has been a change in methodology between 2001–04 and 2005; it is likely to affect comparability across time. In 2001–04 offences for 'use and trafficking' were including twice: in the category 'use/possession' and in the category 'dealing/trafficking', whereas since 2005 these offences are included under a third specific category.
LuxembourgCalculated on arrests for presumed offences against the 1973 drug law.
AustriaThe law only distinguishes between small and large quantities. Thus cases of possession and small-scale trafficking have been considered as 'use/possession for use' and cases of possession and trafficking of large quantities as 'dealing/trafficking',
Turkey2002 data refer only to police data, while after 2002 data refer to all data reported by the main prosecuting authorities (police, gendarmerie, customs); this change is likely to affect comparability across time.

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