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Table DRD-3. Number of drug-induced deaths recorded in EU Member States and Norway according to EMCDDA standard definition 'Selection B', 1995 to 2006

CountryNational definition199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006
BelgiumSelection B132137123
BulgariaSelection B191116212841241315264029
DenmarkSelection B214242256243217240221207
EstoniaSelection B472231458636985768
IrelandSelection B36447882122113939096112
LatviaSelection B1533242363512141417
LithuaniaApprox Selection B923343237453533403832
MaltaSelection B125556785687
NetherlandsSelection B70108108110115131144103104127122112
RomaniaSelection B12377621
Finland(1)Selection B107988411913411097101135126138
Sweden(2)Selection B70122133138153191162160152135
United Kingdom(3)Approx Selection B1152126414561636171420111857160117211827
Norway(4)Approx Selection B204194282256374405307223231190


 See: Drug-related deaths — methods and definitions, the EMCDDA definitions.  

 Absolute numbers from different countries are not directly comparable since differences remain in quality of recording methods. 

 (1) From 2002, the full Selection B has been used. 

 (2) T40.4 code (other synthetic narcotics, which includes mainly dextropropoxyphene) is not included in the Swedish extraction. 

 (3) Here, data for full Selection B is presented. The national ‘Drug Strategy Definition’ is similar to Selection B, but excludes cases with only dextropropoxyphene, dihydrocodeine and codeine.  

 (4) Selection B is approximate to the national definition, which does not include ‘intentional poisoning’ (ICD - 10 codes: X61, X62). 

 See also 'General notes for interpreting data' on the Explanatory notes and help page


 Reitox national reports 2007, taken from national mortality registries. 

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