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Table INF-19. Trends in HCV antibody prevalence in national and subnational samples of injecting drug users 2001 to 2006, countries with average prevalence above 50 %.

Austria DT1685944.455.854.837.9
Austria DT266515058.643
Belgium DT179.879.579.17680.778.7
Bulgaria DT144.163.15956.553.652.4
Denmark SP (UAT)675860.7
Greece DT67.96267.261.261.766
Italy DT66.364.96563.561.462
Lithuania DT181.870.3
Lithuania DT284.189.797.49193.7
Norway SP166.97974.268.26970.2
Norway SP280.678.4
Portugal DT85.184.284.8
Romania DT180.680.4
Sweden SP18189.483.8
United Kingdom SP (UAT)1475655545756


 Countries where the average of trend of available data are above 50 %  

 Seroprevalence studies (SP); diagnostic testing (DT); unlinked anonymous testing (UAT) 

 1 - Austria: data is from Vorarlberg; Belgium: data is from Antwerp; Bulgaria: data is from Sofia; Lithuania: data is from Vilnius; Norway: data is from Oslo; Romania: data is from Bucharest: Sweden: data is from Stockholm; United Kingdom: data is from London. 

 2 - Austria: data is from Vienna, Lower Austria; Lithuania: data is from Alytus city; Norway: National data. 

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 For primary sources and study details, see Table INF-11, and Table INF-0. 


 Reitox national focal points  

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