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Table PDU-1. Prevalence of problem drug use at national level: Summary Table, 2002–06, rate per 1000 aged 15–64 [see all tables in this series...]

Part (i) Overall problem drug use

CountryNotesYearRate /1000 ages 15–64Interval for rate /1000 [1]Number of users [1]Target group, data sources and estimation methodsReference
Czech Republic20064.1[3.6–4.8][26 544–35 133]Problem stimulant and opiate users.6
Denmark20057.5[7.1–8.0][25 390–28 568]Drug abusers having a persistent use of illegal drugs including cannabis, which leeds to physical, psycological and social consequenses. Capture-recapture6
Germany22006[1.4–3.6][76 235–198 000]Problematic users of opiates, cocaine and amphetamines. Drug related deaths; National treatment statistics.18
Greece20062.7[2.5–3.0][18 285–22 252]Problematic users of opiates. Drug reatment data. Capture-recapture.4
Spain20028.5[7.1–9.9][196 928–275 789]Cocaine + opiate users. Demographic method and combined methods.3
Italy20068.5[8.2–8.8][318 359–341 022]Problem Stimulant and opiate users. Multivariate method18
Cyprus20061.5[1.3–1.8][684–966]Problem drug users. Truncated Poisson method using treatment data.2
Latvia320021.2[1.0–1.8][1 521–2 917]Problem drug users. Acute drug overdose data.2
Hungary20053.5[2.8–4.2][19 333–29 075]Problem drug users. Data from drug treatment and police records. Capture-recapture.2
Malta520065.7[5.5–6.0][1 541–1 685]Problem drug users defined as daily heroin users. 5 Drug Treatment Agencies. Capture-recapture.3
Austria20045.4[5.0–5.7][27 763–31 431]Problematic opiate use or poly drug use including opiates. Substitution treatment clients. Opiate related police charges. Capture-recapture.8
Poland220021.9[1.2–2.7][33 000–71 000]Problem drug users. Population survey of 2002. Residential drug treatment; drug treatment: outpatient; HIV cases.1, 99
Slovakia20064.9[3.6–8.9][13 787–34 481]Injecting drug users and/or drug users of heroin and/or amphetamine. Multiplier method.3, 4
Finland420054.8[4.2–5.5][14 500–19 100]Problem stimulant and opiate users. Capture-recapture. 1
Sweden20034.5n.a.25 745The Hospital Discharge Register. Case definition: main or secondary diagnoses drug-related. Truncated Poisson estimate.2
United Kingdom2200510.2[10.0–10.7][395 378–423 907]The UK estimate is based on the England estimate for 2005/06, Northern Ireland for 2004 and Scotland for 2003, extrapolating to Wales from the England estimate.18


 n.a. = not available. 

 1 - Interval is a 95 % confidence interval. 

 2 - Confidence Interval not known. 

 3 - Latvia: the original study used 'all ages' as the age range, the rate was adjusted to ages 15–64. 

 4 - Finland: the original age range of study was 15–54, the rate was adjusted to ages 15–64. 

 5 - Malta: the original age range of the study is 12 to 64 years old. 

 For further details on methods and data sources/comments see Table PDU-102 and Table PDU-103

 See also ‘General notes for interpreting data’ on the Explanatory notes and help page 


 For bibliographic references see Table PDU-0 

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