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Table PDU-1. Prevalence of problem drug use at national level: Summary Table, 2002–06, rate per 1000 aged 15–65 [see all tables in this series...]

Part (ii) Injecting drug use

CountryNotesYearRate /1000 ages 15–64Interval for rate /1000 [1]Number of users [1]Target group, data sources and estimation methodsReference
Czech Republic20064[3.5–4.6][25 496–33 823]Current injectors. Low-threshold services and national HCV study among IDUs.6
Germany220051.7[1.4–2.0][78 000–110 500]Heroin users registered by the police. Mortality multiplier.18
Estonia3200415.1[8.9–37.1]1 3801IDUs. Estonian Police Database. Health Insurance Fund. State HIV Reference Laboratory. Capture-recapture.1
Greece20061.3[1.1–1.5][8 542–11 134]Current injecting drug users. Treatment data. Capture-recapture.4
Cyprus20060.6[0.5–0.7][257–382]Current injectors. Treatment data. Truncated Poisson.2
Hungary220050.6[0.3–0.8][2 069–5 813]IDUs. Treatment and police data. Capture-recapture.2
Slovakia20064.9[3.5–8.9][13 732–34 343]IDUs. Treatment data1, 3, 4
Finland420024.5[4.3–5.7][12 200–19 700]Current injectors of opiates or stimulants. Multiple sources. Combination of multiplier and capture-recapture.1
United Kingdom20054[3.8–4.2][151 032–165 696]IDUs. The UK estimate is based on the England estimate for 2005/06, Northern Ireland for 2004 and Scotland for 2003, extrapolating to Wales from the England estimate.18
Croatia20061.1[0.9–1.4][2 768–4 128]Opiate users. Treatment and mortality data.
Norway220054.3[2.6–7.1][7 918–21 701]Overdose deaths, death rates from studies. Mortality multiplier.4


 n.a. = not available. 

 1 - Interval is a 95 % confidence interval. 

 2 - Confidence Interval not known. 

 3 - Estonia: Original age range of study was 15–44, rates have been adjusted to 15–64. 

 4 - Finland: the original age range of study was 15–55, rate was adjusted to 15–64.  

 For further details on methods and data sources/comments see Table PDU-3 and Table PDU-4

 See also ‘General notes for interpreting data’ on the Explanatory notes and help page 


 For bibliographic references see Table PDU-4

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