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Table PPP-5. Potency of cannabis products at retail level, 2006 [see all tables in this series...]

Part (i) Minimum, maximum, mean and modal (typical) potency recorded, measured as percentage of THC content

CountryCannabis resin Herbal cannabis
Sample sizeMin.Max.MeanModeSample sizeMin.Max.MeanMode
Belgium 920.122.58 640.1206.7
Bulgaria 53.8855 24701021.5
Czech Republic 11111 1510.37324.51
Germany(3)36796.7 66507.8
Estonia 150.65.821.1
France-A 444037988003182
Luxembourg 1610.225.97.4
Hungary 5740.02121.80.6
Malta 1965.324.49.28.3
Austria 760.0419.35.74.9 4230.1422.27.26.2
Poland 2010.
Portugal 2660.
Slovakia(1) (2)341.220.89.810.2 13790.0425.26.47.4
United Kingdom(5)15163.3429213511.313


 Min.= minimum potency recorded; Max. = maximum potency recorded; Mean = mean potency recorded; Mode = most frequent (typical) potency recorded. 

 Data were not available in 2006 for the un-listed EU Member States, Croatia, Turkey and Norway. 

 The minimum ‘zero’ values represent a value greater than zero but lower than the minimum sensitivity threshold that allows a robust estimate. 

 (1) Data reported as mode, most frequent (typical) potency, are actually the median. 

 (2) Data reported as means is actually a weighted mean. 

 (3) Data reported as means is actually the median. 

 (4) Cannabis resin refers to imported cannabis resin; herbal cannabis refers to imported herbal cannabis. There is also data available for locally-produced herbal cannabis ('nederwiet'): sample size 58; min. 8.4; max. 25.5; average 17.5.  

 (5) Data refer to England and Wales only. 


 Reitox national focal points. See also Table PPP-5 part (ii)

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