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Table PPP-8. Purity of synthetic drugs at retail level, 2006 [see all tables in this series...]

Part (i) Minimum, maximum, mean and modal (typical) purity recorded

CountryAmphetamine (percentage)Methamphetamine (percentage)Ecstasy (mg of MDMA base per unit)
Sample sizeMin.Max. MeanModeSample sizeMin.Max. MeanModeSample sizeMin.Max. MeanMode
Belgium-B 934.192.552.2
Belgium-C 2100.173.415230.247.52.31553.614031.1
Belgium-D 52811072.4
Czech Republic33739.537.937580.28252.3825418422.627
Estonia 1560.893353131648354019418956258
France-A 6007113224.5341516501354334
France-B 95125113.818854767213071655717
Latvia 163659382521728330211037503623
Lithuania 2160.3682434816831
Luxembourg 113.615.47.1151.24426.4
Hungary 24614512842080478741004948
Malta 15145.661.748.246.4
Netherlands 51207333.81008241.82250017374.1
Austria 780.79719.214.2107.88025.317
Poland36136943.147 14125292726
Slovenia 400.410.73.71.6
Slovakia(1) (2) 6360.189.661.767.8 133980.03114.414.853.9
Finland 386010031.428230.27835.1
United Kingdom(4)126417610.652456454.51706764861


 Min.= minimum purity recorded; Max. = maximum purity recorded; Mean = mean purity recorded; Mode = Most frequent (typical) purity recorded. 

 Data were not available in 2006 for the un-listed EU Member States.     

 The minimum "zero" values represent a value greater than zero but lower than the minimum sensitivity threshold that allows a robust estimate. 

 (1) Data reported as mode, most frequent (typical) purity, are actually the median. 

 (2) Data reported as means is actually a weighted mean. 

 (3) Data reported as means is actually the median. 

 (4) Data refer to England and Wales only. 


 Reitox national focal points. See also Table PPP-8 part (ii)

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