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Table SZR-2. Quantities (kg) of cannabis resin seized, 1995 to 2006

Belgium 325824989989808183132176 6635565539921639410481
Bulgaria(8) 0.70514423833850.40.0131
Czech Republic(1) 11652350.5
Denmark 176326353829175814061035
Germany(2) 7328611048858525686350038303547336385606
Estonia 0.21598449205
Ireland 193312482157251138056733335350322762606952
Greece 230833641731565727120190251020972971
Spain 247745315328428236431165474504514181564809777546794437669704459267
France(3)39203355765166452176640974871158196 783481037058347167892
Italy 154064683120942176052875525181159322319919208
Cyprus 33301517101115351
Latvia 0.20.4500.220.4
Lithuania 0.30.6263268106
Luxembourg 140.921140.750.455
Hungary 190.9323133
Malta 441034332045
Netherlands(4) 295901097232717 ca 1600055004600
Austria 109244138135239427151252
Poland(9) 1311847411935
Romania 39441511
Slovenia(6) 0.40.1 814
Slovakia(7)120.4 0.520.620.10.960.30.5
Finland 492197567484423467431283
Sweden 495216626391111711827008208838201266692
United Kingdom44607669341188548852253045483665899944160653796492050395
Turkey 2681212816181123812656
Norway 82810972222209313521460


 ca = circa. 

 (1) Accurate data are not available before 2002 due to double counting of seizures by police and customs reports. 

 (2) In 1995: the number of seizures based on offences; since 1996: the numbers of seizures based on police register. 

 (3) In 2002 and 2003, seizures of cannabis products cannot be broken down by product; 57115 kg of cannabis were seized in 2002 and 82515 kg in 2003. 

 (4) Both 2004 and 2005 data are based on seizures made only by some police forces: they are not comparable between them, nor with previous years. 

 (5) The value for 1995 includes cannabis seeds. 

 (6) In 2003, seizures of cannabis resin and herbal cannabis cannot be broken down by product; 220.16 kg of herb and resin were seized in 2003. 

 (7) In 1997 and 1998 less than 0.1 kg were seized. 

 (8) Data refer to seizures made by the Customs and the National Service for Combating Organized Crime (NACOC), separately or in combination with other units within the Ministry of Interior. 

 (9) Up to 2003 the amount of large seizures only is reported; from 2004 all seizures are reported.  


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