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Table HSR-7. Availability and level of provision of selected health responses to prisoners in 26 EU countries, Norway and Turkey (expert ratings)

CountryLevel of provisionAvailability
Individual counselling on infection risk HCV test on entry Pre-release counselling on overdose risk Safer use training for prisonersHCV test on release Prison needle and syringe programmes (NSPs)Risk-group specific hepatitis B vaccination programme in prisonDrug-specific formal health promotion trainings for prison staffIEC materials on drug-related deaths and emergencies for prison setting
BelgiumRareRareDoes not existRareDoes not existDoes not existNoYesNo
BulgariaLimitedLimitedNo informationNo informationDoes not existDoes not existNoNoNo information
Czech RepublicRareLimitedRareDoes not existRareDoes not existNoNo informationNo information
DenmarkNo informationNo informationLimitedNo informationNo informationDoes not existNoNoNo
GermanyLimitedLimitedNo informationDoes not existNo informationRareNo informationNo informationYes
EstoniaLimitedExtensiveRareRareLimitedDoes not existYesYesNo
IrelandLimitedLimitedNo informationDoes not existNo informationDoes not existYesNoYes
GreeceRareExtensiveLimitedRareDoes not existDoes not existYesYesNo
FranceRareRareRareDoes not existRareDoes not existNoNoNo information
ItalyExtensiveNo informationExtensiveNo informationNo informationNo informationYesNoNo information
CyprusRareFullLimitedRareDoes not existDoes not existNoNoNo
LatviaRareFullRareDoes not existDoes not existDoes not existNoYesNo
LithuaniaFullFullDoes not existDoes not existFullDoes not existYesYesYes
HungaryFullDoes not existRareDoes not existDoes not existDoes not existNoNoNo
NetherlandsLimitedLimitedLimitedDoes not existDoes not existDoes not existYesNoNo
AustriaLimitedExtensiveRareLimitedRareDoes not existNoYesNo
PolandLimitedDoes not existRareRareDoes not existDoes not existNoYesYes
PortugalLimitedExtensiveRareRareNo informationLimitedYesYesNo
Romania(1)ExtensiveLimitedDoes not existDoes not existRareRareNoYesNo
SloveniaLimitedLimitedLimitedRareRareDoes not existYesYesYes
SlovakiaRareRareDoes not existDoes not existDoes not existDoes not existNoNo informationNo
FinlandFullExtensiveRareLimitedLimitedDoes not existYesNoNo
SwedenFullFullDoes not existDoes not existDoes not existDoes not existYesNoNo
United KingdomLimitedRareLimitedLimitedRareDoes not existYesYesYes
TurkeyLimitedDoes not existDoes not existLimitedDoes not existDoes not existNo informationNoNo
NorwayNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationDoes not existYesNoNo information


 : indicates data not available 

 Where data are not available for a country the table entry is left empty. 

 Rating Scale (level of provision) 

  Full: Nearly all prisoners have received the service during the last year at least once  

  Extensive: A majority of prisoners (but not nearly all of them) have received the service during the last year at least once 

  Limited: More than a few prisoners (but not a majority of them) have received the service during the last year at least once 

  Rare: Just a few prisoners have received the service during the last year at least once 

 (1) A prison NSP started in Jilava Penitentiary (Romania) in June 2008, personal communication K. Ionescu, 26/03/2009. 

 See also 'General notes for interpreting data' on the Explanatory notes and help page


 Structured Questionnaire on 'Prevention and Reduction of Health-Related Harm associated with drug use' (SQ 23/29), submitted by NFPs in 2008 

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