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Table DLO-2. Offence types in reports for drug law offences [see all tables in this series...]

Part (i) Percentage of all reports for drug law offences

CountriesYearUse-related offencesSupply-related offencesUse and supply-related offencesOther type of offencesTotal
Belgium20072392363.21286934.0 10752.837867100
Bulgaria2007265467.258714.970617.9 3947100
Czech Republic200722210.9177487.3 351.72031100
Denmark20051676485.9276214.1 19526100
Germany200717149669.16409325.8 127665.1248355100
Estonia2007599185.1104814.9 7039100
Ireland20061085673.2304020.5 9346.314830100
Greece2007780651.2365824.0378324.8 15247100
Spain200725355990.9252389.1 278797100
France200711292384.198497.3115488.6 134320100
Italy20063656353.53180746.5 68370100
Cyprus200769378.917620.0 91.0878100
Latvia2007297475.042210.6 57014.43966100
Lithuania200796555.772842.0 412.41734100
Luxembourg20066623.410436.911239.7 282100
Netherlands2007589430.61330269.0 730.419269100
Austria20072086286.320678.6 12375.124166100
Poland20074100665.12090433.2 10971.763007100
Romania2007155356.5118443.1 120.42749100
Slovenia2007301881.170218.9 3720100
Slovakia200738760.125739.9 644100
Finland20071040663.8588136.0 270.216314100
Sweden20071917488.1257811.9 21752100
United Kingdom20068652869.82095416.9 1648513.3123967100
Croatia2007551369.3243930.7 7952100
Turkey2005635048.0687952.0 13229100
Norway2005365137.6605662.4 9707100


 : indicates data not available 

 For definitions of 'reports' for drug law offences, refer to Drug law offences — methods and definitions.  

 For information on the way percentages were calculated and regarding other type of offences, please refer to Table DLO-2 part(ii)


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