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Table DRD-1. Summary of characteristics of the deceased in drug-induced deaths according to national definitions [see all tables in this series...]

Part (i) Demographic characteristics, 2007 or last year with available information

CountryYearType of definitionNo of DRD% Male% FemaleMean age% aged under 15% aged under 25% aged 35+% aged 65+
Belgium1997Selection B12378.921.134.20.827.634.18.1
Czech Republic(1)2007Selection D4092.57.532.
Denmark2006Selection B22773.626.443.00.48.868.78.4
Estonia2006Selection B6886.813.
Ireland2005Selection D15973.626.432.91.928.338.41.3
Greece2007Selection D17593.76.3:
France2006Selection B30579.320.739.50.010.552.59.8
Italy2007Selection D58990.39.735.20.09.553.00.3
Cyprus2007Selection D1291.78.328.70.033.325.00.0
Latvia2007Selection B2185.714.329.10.023.819.00.0
Lithuania2007Aprox. Selection B7286.113.933.00.020.816.71.4
Hungary(3)2007Selection D2592.
Malta2006Selection B771.428.628.60.042.914.30.0
Netherlands2007Selection B9975.824.
Austria2007Selection D17577.722.330.
Romania(5)2007Selection B3296.
Slovakia2007Selection D1788.211.829.35.935.317.60.0
Finland2007Selection B14381.118.936.00.019.647.62.1
Sweden2006Selection B15777.122.942.
United Kingdom (DSD)2006Aprox. Selection B202579.
Croatia2007Selection B11590.49.631.00.021.726.10.0
Turkey2007Selection D14793.26.834.
Norway2006Aprox. Selection B22277.922.


 The information refers to the last year for which information on the deceased's characteristics was available.  

 Number of deaths per country per year are presented in Table DRD-2 part (i)

 Type of definition refers to the EMCDDA standard definition; if the national definition matches with the agreed case definition established in the EMCDDA DRD Protocol: Selection B for general mortality registries and Selection D for Special Registries. In some countries equivalence is not total but it is, in practice, relatively similar (see Drug-related deaths — methods and definitions). 

 Figures for EMCDDA standard definitions (Selection B and Selection D) for all countries with available information, see Table DRD-3 and Table DRD-4, and Drug-related deaths — methods and definitions.  

 (1) For the Czech Republic, EMCDDA Selection D was used instead of the national definition. National definition includes also poisoning by psychoactive medicines, which accounts for most cases (173 cases out of 213). 

 (2) From this year onwards, the data coverage is national. In previous years, the information was based on six cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza and Bilbao). 

 (3) Data for 2007 cover approximately 65% of the country's population. 

 (4) For Portugal, data refer to age ≤19 and 45+. Data include all cases with post mortem analysis positive for any drug of abuse, which is likely to produce an overestimate compared to selection D. 

 (5) Data refer only to Bucharest and several counties in the competence area of the Toxicology Laboratory from Bucharest. 

 See Drug-related deaths — methods and definitions.  

 See also 'General notes for interpreting data' on the Explanatory notes and help page


 Reitox national reports 2008, taken from national mortality registries or Special Registries (forensic or police). Based on ‘National definitions’ as presented in Drug-related deaths — methods and definitions.  

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