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Table HSR-8. Responses to drug related deaths in Europe [see all tables in this series...]

Part (ii). Availability of information material on drug-related deaths and emergencies for specific target groups in 26 EU countries, Norway and Turkey

CountrySpecific information material for police officersSpecific information material for prison staffSpecific information material for family/friends of drug usersSpecific information material for nightclub/bar staffSpecific information material for other groups
Belgium (Flemish community)NoNoNoYesNo
Belgium (French community)(1)NoNoNoYesYes
BulgariaNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationNo information
Czech RepublicNo informationNo informationYesNo informationNo information
DenmarkNoNoNoYesNo information
GermanyNo informationYesNo informationYesNo information
EstoniaYesNoYesNoNo information
IrelandNoYesYesNoNo information
Greece(2), (3)NoNoYesNoYes
SpainYesYesYesNo informationNo information
FranceNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationNo
ItalyNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationNo information
Cyprus(1)NoNoNoNo informationYes
Poland(1), (2)No informationYesNo informationYesYes
PortugalNoNoNoNoNo information
Romania(4), (5)NoNoYesNoYes
FinlandYesNoNo informationNoNo information
SwedenYesNoNoNo informationNo information
United Kingdom(4)YesYesYesYesYes
NorwayNo informationNo informationNoNoNo information


 : indicates data not available 

 (1) "Other groups": drug users.  

 (2) "Other groups": sex workers. 

 (3) "Other groups": immigrants. 

 (4) "Other groups": hospital, emergency room and ambulance staff. 

 (5) "Other groups": treatment centres staff. 

 See also 'General notes for interpreting data' on the Explanatory notes and help page.     


 Structured Questionnaire on 'Prevention and Reduction of Health-Related Harm associated with drug use' (SQ 23/29), submitted by NFPs in 2008 

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