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Figure INF-2. HIV infections newly diagnosed in injecting drug users, by year of report, by country, cases per million, number of newly diagnosed HIV infections and population sizes 2002–2007. EU countries, Croatia, Turkey and Norway. [see all figures in this series...]

Part (ii) HIV newly diagnosed cases per million population in IDUs, by year and by country - other EU countries with peak > 1 case /M population 2002-2007


Data since 2002 provided by ECDC-WHO/Europe, data before 2002 provided by EuroHIV

Data reported by end of 2007.

Data for France: new HIV reporting system started in 2003 (data from March to December).

Data for Greece: retrospective reporting before 1999; data for 1999 may include many cases diagnosed in previous years.

Data for the Netherlands: new HIV reporting system started in 2002; 2002 data include many cases diagnosed in previous years.


European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

European Centre for the Epidemiological Monitoring of AIDS (EuroHIV).

Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat).

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