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Table SZR-1. Number of cannabis resin seizures, 1995 to 2007

Belgium 7570 4573335054751590846141166378449216595870
Bulgaria(8) 108121010849
Czech Republic(1) 93981631234225
Denmark 578852345942731310287109620
Germany(2) 157851716617694184661654113953102671264813030117649762
Estonia 253590120162210118
Ireland 3031323337534264432244015960274633662610326035873166
Greece 321280228300243193
Spain 52148 8106783877110168123883153145166544
France(3)5216 2914634709392144406039976577945657463728623965784866500
Cyprus 39403025
Latvia 20401722
Lithuania 5101023243014
Luxembourg 178574411589106788483134117111
Hungary 217659866755
Malta(4) 8310 6010213686
Austria 256324642328185514731861205318731519
Poland(9) 17374382
Romania 145338
Slovenia(6) 5652 122118179129
Slovakia(7) 2528302329293033
Finland 225924824011317127962626240825991900
Sweden 3311301735574033483446675516649065266686682975117485
United Kingdom642956416979601849837376465400639206279660068522185920443128
Turkey 99907522304814234638
Norway 1008910004947691639223105168400


 : indicates data not available 

 (1) Accurate data are not available before 2002 due to double counting of seizures by police and customs reports.   

 (2) In 1995: the number of seizures based on offences; since 1996: the numbers of seizures based on police register.   

 (3) In 2002 and 2003 seizures of cannabis products cannot be broken down by substance; 57794 seizures of all cannabis products were made in 2002, and 67443 in 2003.   

 (4) Data include number of seizures of herbal cannabis, cannabis resin, cannabis plants and cannabis seeds.   

 (5) The value for 1995 includes cannabis seeds.   

 (6) In 2003 seizures of resin and herbal cannabis could not be broken down by product; 3421 seizures of both products were made in 2003.   

 (7) Data are not available before 2000.   

 (8) Data refer to seizures made by the Customs and the National Service for Combating Organized Crime (NACOC), separately or in combination with other units within the Ministry of Interior. 

 (9) Up to 2003 the number of large seizures only is reported; from 2004 all seizures are reported.    


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