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Figure GPS-3. Last 30 days prevalence of cannabis use among the 15-to 24-year old age group, measured by national surveys


Data are from the most recent national surveys available in each country.

Some countries use a slightly different age range to the EMCDDA standard age range for young adults. Variations in age ranges may slightly influence disparities between countries.

Belgium: 2004; 15–24 yrs n =n.a.

Bulgaria: 2008; 15–24 yrs n=1087

Czech Republic: 2008; 15–24 yrs n=827

Denmark: 2008; 16–24 yrs n=879

Germany: 2006; 18–24 yrs n=1868

Estonia: 2008; 15–24 yrs n=243

Ireland: 2006/07; 15–24 yrs n=n.a.

Greece: 2004; 15–24 yrs n=1785

Spain: 2007–08; 15–24 yrs n=3943

France: 2005; 15–24 yrs n=4662

Italy: 2008; 15–24 yrs n=3475

Cyprus: 2006; 15–24 yrs n=969

Latvia: 2007; 15–24 yrs n=1855

Lithuania: 2008; 15–24 yrs n=1165

Hungary: 2007; 18–24 yrs n=433

Netherlands: 2005; 15–24 yrs n=n.a.

Austria: 2008; 15–24 yrs n=2085

Poland: 2006; 15–24 yrs n=1135

Portugal: 2007; 15–24 yrs n=2211

Romania: 2007; 15-24 yrs n=1060

Slovakia: 2006; 15–24 yrs n=287

Finland: 2006; 15–24 yrs n=654

Sweden: 2008; 16–24 yrs n=1166

UK (E&W): 2008/09; 16–24 yrs n=5476

Norway: 2004; 15–24 yrs n=645

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Reitox national reports 2009, taken from population surveys, reports or scientific articles.

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