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Figure INF-3. HIV prevalence among injecting drug users — studies with national and subnational coverage [see all figures in this series...]

Part (iii) New injecting drug users (injecting less than 2 years), 2007 to 2008


Squares indicate samples with national coverage; triangles indicate samples with subnational (including local or regional) coverage.

Differences between countries have to be interpreted with caution owing to different types of settings and/or study methods; national sampling strategies vary and some sample sizes are small.

Part of data from Portugal and Hungary include non-IDUs and therefore may underestimate prevalence among IDUs (estimated proportion of non-IDUs in the samples not known).

Data for Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia are limited to prevalence among IDUs in treatment and may not be representative of prevalence among IDUs who are not in treatment. Data for Cyprus and part of data for France are based on self-reported test results, which are less reliable than clinically documented tests.

Data for UK is those who began injecting in the survey year or the preceding two calendar years.

Data for Poland, Estonia and Lithuania are from 2005. Data for Spain are from 2004. Data for Latvia are from 2003.

Countries are presented by order of increasing prevalence, based on the average of national data or, if not available, of subnational data.

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