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Table SZR-10. Quantities (kg) of cocaine seized 1995 to 2008

CountryCrack included19951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008
BelgiumYes until 19995768393321208817621652:394664435229228394624703852
Czech Republic(1)No:::::::633105388
Denmark Yes110325844243626141043257768856
Germany No184613731721113319799131288213610099691079171718781069
Estonia No:003000.142315431134
Ireland Yes226421133386185321081672431951752:
Spain Yes until 200368971374218418116871811061653368117617492793313548429496503778427981
France No8651742844105136871311209636514172448451861016665798215
Italy Yes until 200126632387165021632973236818134042353935894380463839284110
Cyprus No30.0040.020.025580.1210117218
Latvia No0.
Lithuania No:23100.320.10.70.21313141
Luxembourg Yes until 20000.513960.30.4821141436
Malta No::::::3540.1534::
Netherlands(6)Yes485192221149589981036164728389796817560ca 12000146001060010500:
Austria No557387996320108375876245627878
Portugal(3)Yes until 20002116812316362582330755574314030177423180833447773634878
Romania No:::::1333132511011473
Slovenia No:::::11552107254291
Slovakia No::101030.
Finland No0.070.070223970.4111743
United Kingdom(9)No672121923502962296039482841356677734644386233213457:
Turkey No::::::283126817811694
Norway No424593601223363141178419576


 A fuller historical series, back to 1985 for reporting countries, is available in the Supplementary tables section of this Statistical bulletin   

 Numbers are rounded to the nearest kg except for quantities less than 1 kg where more precise information is provided when available.   

 (1) Accurate data are not available before 2002 due to double counting of seizures by police and customs reports.   

 (2) All seizures are included (Police, Coast Guard and Customs).   

 (3) In 1997 and 1998, coca leaves were also seized. Cocaine liquid was also seized in 1999. Since 2007 quatity of coca leaves seized is included in the total quatity of cocaine seized (17.9 kg in 2007 and 0.28 kg in 2008). 

 (4) Cocaine and crack are reported together (however, there are usually very few, if any, seizures of crack).   

 (5) Data refer to seizures made by the Customs and the National Service for Combating Organized Crime (NACOC) from the Ministry of Interior. 0,947 kg of coca leaves were also seized in 2006 and 0.336 kg in 2007.  

 (6) Both 2004 and 2005 data are based on seizures made only by some police forces: they are not comparable between them, nor with previous years.   

 (7) Up to 2003 the amount of large seizures only is reported; from 2004 all seizures are reported.    

 (8) 0.112 kg of coca leaves were also seized in 2007.   

 (9) Before 2006 data have been reported on a calendar year basis. Since 2006 seizures data will be published on a financial year basis (Data reported for 2006 is for 2006/07, data reported in 2007 is for 2007/08 and so on). There are no customs data for Scotland and Northern Ireland in 2006/07. In 2007 data are for England, Wales and Northern Ireland only (England and Wales reported both police and customs seizures and Northern Ireland only police seizures); no data for Scotland is available.   


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