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Table SZR-16. Quantities (units) of LSD seized 1995 to 2008

Belgium 545813704621205010471090::423510008551201:
Czech Republic(1):::::::1076532630671748117246
Denmark 12822623811058311081593822483120152147482
Germany 7106967082784303225022965439241144130144348064063816558124881052512875
Estonia :30062222022418609
Spain 1543713376253689068335375242653589331769144318473109018511651
France 7021774780598318680999120691671842621038319374632355891310790021
Italy 336191419779735919550919801139306421618396979113753846164
Cyprus 01002110000400100
Lithuania ::234216426275:191187480010
Luxembourg 100122401211200000161
Hungary :::::15199736233463396569241871266
Malta ::::::000030::
Netherlands(7)30532320276343779026679972287313551642ca 520006250002510020000:
Austria 2602416652432494281186557285129822282109108321058226
Slovenia :::::5900:10513
Slovakia :1419637211060821720711100111
Finland 5004132330150235510264679146019545117121383082
Sweden 1612859139727041592180462930525125641799099701323
United Kingdom(9)3818002071641580133751668437250003600023000186281594109000065002010:
Turkey ::::::000000098
Norway 134555168882757483143042317222461613922626469


 A fuller historical series, back to 1985 for reporting countries, is available in the Supplementary tables section of this Statistical bulletin     

 (1) Accurate data are not available before 2002 due to double counting of seizures by police and customs reports.     

 (2) All seizures are included (Police, Coast Guard and Customs). 9 tablets of LSD were also seized in 1996, 1 in 1997, 2.5 in 1999, 17 in 2000 and 1 in 2001.     

 (3) 4 tablets of LSD were also seized in 1999; and 10 tablets and 1.1 kg were seized in 2000.     

 (4) 0.02 kg of liquid LSD were also seized in 2004.      

 (5) 4 bottles and 0.5 pill of LSD were also seized in 2004; 1 bottles and 0.003 kg in 2005; 33 bottles and 0.015 kg in 2006; 1 tablet in 2007; and 2 bottles in 2008. 

 (6) 2.1 kg of LSD were also seized in 2001.     

 (7) Both 2004 and 2005 data are based on seizures made only by some police forces: they are not comparable between them, nor with previous years. In 2006, data include 2500 tablets.   

 (8) Up to 2003 the amount of large seizures only is reported; from 2004 all seizures are reported.      

 (9) Due to new conversion rules introduced in 2005 previous data are not directly comparable. Before 2006 data have been reported on a calendar year basis. Since 2006 seizures data will be published on a financial year basis (Data reported for 2006 is for 2006/07, data reported in 2007 is for 2007/08 and so on). There are no customs data for Scotland and Northern Ireland in 2006/07. In 2007 data are for England, Wales and Northern Ireland only (England and Wales reported both police and customs seizures and Northern Ireland only police seizures); no data for Scotland is available.     


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