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Table SZR-4. Quantities (kg) of herbal cannabis seized, 1995 to 2008

Belgium 381045679139072246329162170:2646613194385450584563127594891
Czech Republic :::::::10178169103108122393
Denmark ::::::::2453413045:171
Estonia ::::::20512911117822
Ireland 78235456620895905600202104151315763:
Greece 113825401281917510141671490811653139437153475280111237369104601
Italy :::39725214242601336673163851533934912485498545502380
Cyprus 136391293029389562318135148357
Latvia ::::::1947682661842
Lithuania ::::::165301610672160144
Luxembourg :16355481318172317621321
Malta :::::00.020.1325221::
Netherlands(4):::::10330224479958:ca 9000440066005470:
Austria ::::34215622824505535065041392887530
Romania ::::::::729034711176209
Finland :::::141432452643333656
United Kingdom(11)13872343043112021730158852549026741350122941221496206502576019994:
Turkey ::::::974655387007757111339222282554631222
Norway ::::::351054834443276151


 ca = circa.     

 (1) In 1995: the number of seizures based on offences; since 1996: the numbers of seizures based on police register.     

 (2) In 2002 and 2003, seizures of cannabis products cannot be broken down by product; 57115 kg of cannabis were seized in 2002 and 82515 kg in 2003.     

 (3) 2000 to 2003 data include both seizures of herbal cannabis and cannabis plants.     

 (4) In 2000 and 2001, data include both marihuana and Dutch-grown weed; in 2002, data include marihuana only. Both 2004 and 2005 data are based on seizures made only by some police forces: they are not comparable between them, nor with previous years.     

 (5) In 2003, seizures of cannabis resin and herbal cannabis cannot be broken down by product; 220.16 kg of herb and resin were seized in 2003.     

 (6) Data before 2000 include total of herbal and plants.     

 (7) Data include cannabis plants.     

 (8) Data refer to seizures made by the Customs and the National Service for Combating Organized Crime (NACOC), separately or in combination with other units within the Ministry of Interior.   

 (9) Up to 2003 the amount of large seizures only is reported; from 2004 all seizures are reported.      

 (10) 2005 data include seizures of seeds and other cannabis products except resin and plants.     

 (11) Before 2006 data have been reported on a calendar year basis. Since 2006 seizures data will be published on a financial year basis (Data reported for 2006 is for 2006/07, data reported in 2007 is for 2007/08 and so on). There are no customs data for Scotland and Northern Ireland in 2006/07. In 2007 data are for England, Wales and Northern Ireland only (England and Wales reported both police and customs seizures and Northern Ireland only police seizures); no data for Scotland is available.   


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