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Figure PPP-2. Indexed trends in EU potency/purity for major drug types, adjusting for population size, 2004-2009


1. The trends represent the available information on national potency / purity for each drug in the EU Member States and Norway, weighted by country population sizes to form an overall EU trend. All series indexed to a base of 100 in 2004.

2. Countries missing drug price information for two or more consecutive years are not included in the trend calculations: the trend for  amphetamine on nineteen countries (80 % of the EU population 15-64), cocaine on twenty-two countries (90 % of the EU population 15-64), ecstasy on fourteen countries (58 % of the EU population 15-64), herbal cannabis on fourteen countries (65 % of the EU population 15-64), and cannabis resin on fifteen countries (66 % of the EU population 15-64). Trends for other drugs are not available due to insufficient data.

3. Additionally, where 2009 data are missing (fifteen cases) 2008 prices are used; for missing 2004 data (fifty-five cases) 2005 prices are used; data missing for other years (twenty-three cases) have been interpolated from adjacent years.

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