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Table SZR-15. Number of LSD seizures 1995 to 2009

Belgium 28100757310742:1734311::
Czech Republic:::::::34757555
Denmark 61615241518298713128132118
Estonia 010023241214012
Ireland 62424819293160577113104
Greece :::::::2841121616172012
Spain 319686475291249258:24011388110104133162202
France 15819017115414324911558901019978105112:
Italy 271229173120::::::56141015
Cyprus ::::::::::200:0
Lithuania ::219941:4300103
Luxembourg 8153011120000050
Hungary :::::::1717181413121816
Malta ::::::0:0010:1:
Netherlands ::2915:11:::::::::
Austria 80102113615642322033292020392039
Poland :::::::::::::::
Romania :::::::::::53718
Slovenia :::::600:101121
Slovakia :4311613847621124
Finland :141401534141020211715507352
Sweden 286986613764283118173251615150
United Kingdom(3)1155114285262348030017050131153219176151142109
Turkey ::::::000000011
Norway 3536106635987521531303428131926


 A fuller historical series, back to 1985 for reporting countries, is available in the Supplementary tables section of this Statistical bulletin       

 (1) 2004 data includes 1 seizure of liquid LSD.        

 (2) 2004 data includes 4 seizures of liquid and pills of LSD; 2 measured in kg and liquid in 2005; and 6 in kg and liquid in 2006.        

 (3) Since 2007 data for Scotland are not available, see Table SZR-00 part (ii)       


 Reitox national focal points. See Table SZR-00 part (i) and Table SZR-00 part (ii)   

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