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Table SZR-8. Quantities (kg) of heroin seized 1995 to 2009

Belgium 149133657674185:485114227017654863275
Czech Republic:::::::349363628204631
Denmark 376138559632256316382729484422
Germany 9338987226867967968365206267757878791074503758
Estonia ::0110.4140.10.20.4460.14
Ireland 6118381724301727273313014720779
Spain 5465374794181159484631275242271174472227548300
France 499617415344203444351476545558749105210361118970
Italy 954127047771513101012205825932592255713741329189713071149
Latvia 0.900.
Lithuania ::::0.91330.83256144
Luxembourg 1333423134649985
Hungary :::::670154160256902381318029125
Malta ::::::3160.8152588
Netherlands3515169997847708967391122417ca 12009001000520::
Austria 478110211878230288604323528234117104190
Romania :::::533320321652853313038585
Slovakia :1190146991615724221314
Finland 16622368320.2520.20.40.22
Sweden 3126127164303259133419103305531
United Kingdom(5)139510702235134823463387392927322732217019071031105915521525
Norway 4974563846526859521293693855130


 A fuller historical series, back to 1985 for reporting countries, is available in the Supplementary tables section of this Statistical bulletin     

 Numbers are rounded to the nearest kg except for quantities less than 1 kg where more precise information is provided when available.     

 (1) 5658 doses of heroin were also seized in 2005, 112 in 2006, and 101 in 2007.     

 (2) 1.9 ml of heroin were also seized in 2007, 76 ml in 2008 and 2 ml in 2009 . 

 (3) There were also 5 doses of liquid heroin seized in 2001.      

 (4) 225.5 ml of liquid heroin was also seized in 2008 and 19.6 ml in 2009. 

 (5) Since 2007 data for Scotland are not available, see Table SZR-00 part (ii)       

 (6) 331.4 kg liquid heroine were also seized in 2009.                                 


 Reitox national focal points. See Table SZR-00 part (i) and Table SZR-00 part (ii)     

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